@inproceedings { zhu04, abstract = {Computer graphics and virtual reality are nowadays widely used in Chinese education. Teachers and students have realized the great benefits that virtual interactive environments can bring to their traditional classroom, especially if these environments contain virtual characters with emotions. E-Teatrix is one of such examples, it is an interactive learning environment that was build to help students to create and tell fairy-tale stories. Children using E-Teatrix are able to improve their creative and develop their narrative skills. Children’s goal in E-Teatrix is to play the role of a certain character in a story. The character control is more than just to tell the character what to do; it also includes the control of the characters emotions. Each E-Teatrix character supports five emotions. These emotions are automatically generated by the system, but children can use an emotion controller tool to inspect and in the case of their own character to control characters’ emotional state. This paper will discuss in detail the use of emotions and the emotion controller tool in E-Teatrix.}, address = {Limoges - França}, booktitle = {3iA'2004 - 7th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence}, keywords = {emotion, virtual reality, intelligent virtual environment, emotion controller}, month = {May}, title = {Emotion Modeling of Virtual Chinese Characters in E-Teatrix}, year = {2004}, author = {Chaohui Zhu and Zhigeng Pan and Rui Prada and Mingmin Zhang} }