@inproceedings { zhu03, abstract = {With the wide application of computer graphics and virtual realty in education field, people inevitably think of using computer graphics and virtual realty to extend the traditional class activities. E-Teatrix is a cooperation research results between our lab and INSEC in Lisbon under the EU-project ELVIS. It first let children design a story creatively, and then let children create 3D interactive virtual scene. The aim of E-Teatrix is to develop children’s innovation and action ability. In order to communicate with the outside world, it adopts complicated technology of agent. At the same time, E-Teatrix system also supports the virtual emotion change}, address = {Beijing, China}, booktitle = {ACII'2003 - 1st Chinese Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction}, keywords = {virtual realty, emotion, affective computing, intelligent virtual environments, intelligent agents}, month = {December}, title = {Virtual Chinese Characters and Emotion System in E-Teatrix}, year = {2003}, author = {Chaohui Zhu and Zhigeng Pan and Bing Tang and Rui Prada} }