@inproceedings { paiva00, abstract = {In this paper, we briefly discuss how children collaborate in Teatrix, which is a virtual environment aiming at providing the children with the means for collaboratively creating a story on a virtual stage. The children will create the stories using a set of pre-defined scenes and dramatis personae (characters that have specific roles in the play). Children may control the personae (characters) to a certain extent (although some of the characters may be system controlled), and each child expects the story to evolve in reaction to her/his character’s actions. However, their characters must act in a believable and coordinated way, according to their role, in order for the story creation environment to engage the children in an entertaining experience which can meet the child cognitive needs to interpret, understand and interact with the world in terms of stories. And collaboration is an essential ingredient to achieve a final “story/performance” they are proud of.}, address = {Tokushima, Japan}, booktitle = {NTCL'2000 - The International Workshop on New Technologies for Collaborative Learning}, keywords = {intelligent agents, collaborative virtual environments, narrative, Storytelling}, month = {intelligent agents, collaborative virtual environments, narrative, Storytelling}, title = {You cannot use my broom! I'm the witch, you're the prince: Collaboration in a Virtual Dramatic Game}, year = {2000}, author = {Ana Paiva and Rui Prada and Isabel Machado} }