@inproceedings { machado00, abstract = {This paper describes a collaborative virtual environment, Teatrix, developed with the aim of bringing drama activities into a virtual stage. Drama activities and story telling play important roles in children development. Based on this premise and also on real classroom activities, we developed Teatrix as a collaborative virtual environment, where both drama and story creation are merged into a unique medium providing a form of collaborative make-believe for children. In this paper we will focus on the design, architecture and preliminary results of Teatrix, as well as on the future steps of the research.}, address = {San Francisco, USA}, booktitle = {CVE'2000 - 3rd International Conference on Collaborative Virtual Environments}, keywords = {collaborative virtual environment, intelligent agents}, month = {September}, pages = {111-117}, publisher = {ACM}, title = {Bringing Drama Into a Virtual Stage}, year = {2000}, author = {Isabel Machado and Rui Prada and Ana Paiva} }