@inproceedings { dimas10, abstract = {Playing with artificial pets is becoming a very popular activity. Artificial pets are present in a variety of forms and interaction styles, from online websites to video game consoles and, more recently, as social robots. However, some of these artificial creatures, in particular robotic pets, are not capable of engaging users for extended periods of time. Issues such as lack of perception capabilities or battery life sometimes break the playful experiences. To increase the attachment between artificial pets and their owners, and create more enjoyable experiences, we propose to extend the identity of a Pleo robot by creating a virtual representation of the robot in a mobile device. The user needs to take care of Pleo, and is able to do so by interacting either with the robot or with the mobile device. In this paper, we describe the work in progress of this system and discuss some future work directions.}, address = {Lisbon, Portugal}, booktitle = {Please enjoy!: Workshop on playful experiences in Mobile HCI}, keywords = {Interaction Styles;Artificial Pets;Handheld Devices;Attachment;Social Robotic Companions;Computer Games;}, month = {September}, publisher = {ACM}, series = {MobileHCI '10}, title = {Pervasive Pleo: Long-term Attachment with Artificial Pets }, year = {2010}, author = {Joana Dimas and Iolanda Leite and André Pereira and Pedro Cuba and Rui Prada and Ana Paiva} }