@inproceedings { barbosa13, abstract = {Deploying a renewable energy project is an important decision that can facilitate sustainability. In addition, these projects can mitigate many environmental and health issues that arise with the excessive generation from depletable resources, such as gas and coal. This paper analyzes the impact of increasing the probability of deploying a renewable energy project in a Cournot oligopoly energy market, where two generation firms are in equilibrium. The results show that supply rises and prices fall, when the probability of deploying an energy project increases.}, booktitle = {1st International Congress on Energy & Environment, Porto, Portugal, May 2013}, keywords = {Game Theory;Miscellaneous;}, month = {May}, title = {Deploying a Renewable Energy Project: An Equilibrium Analysis}, year = {2013}, author = {Luciana Barbosa and Alberto Sardinha} }