@article { prendinger14, abstract = {The iCO2 game collects human driving behavior data at scale and better illuminates user behaviors, including which eco-driving practices drivers apply. The game uses the Distributed Virtual Environments (DiVE) networking framework for multiuser 3D virtual world applications. Tests of DiVE’s “area of interest” method showed promising results on two important metrics: bandwidth and frames per second. A small marketing campaign also collected data from users interacting with the iPad version of iCO2 in the wild.}, journal = {IEEE Internet Computing}, keywords = {Computer Games;}, number = {3}, pages = {28-35}, publisher = {IEEE}, title = {iCO2: A Networked Game for Collecting Large-Scale Eco-Driving Behavior Data}, volume = {18}, year = {2014}, author = {Helmut Prendinger and João Oliveira and João Catarino and Marconi Madruga and Rui Prada} }