@inproceedings { pereira09, abstract = {In this paper we describe a method to create strategically and visually rich game map environments for turn-based strategy multiplayer browser games. Our method creates dynamic maps which expand according to the players’ subscriptions pattern and adapt to the players’ choices. This method mitigates current level designer limitations and contributes to the solution of balancing problems in turn-based massively multiplayer browser games.}, address = {Athens}, booktitle = {ACE'2009 - 6th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology}, keywords = {strategy browser game, dynamic maps, self-adapting maps, expanding maps, multiplayer game balance;Computer Games;}, month = {October}, pages = {353-356}, publisher = {ACM}, series = {ACM International Conference Proceeding Series}, title = {Self-Adapting Dynamically Generated Maps For Turn-based Strategic Multiplayer Browser Games}, volume = {422}, year = {2009}, author = {Gonçalo Pereira and Pedro Santos and Rui Prada} }