@techreport { campos17, abstract = {Our project aims at developing a virtual tool for training Joint Investigation Teams (JITs) on conducting interrogations of suspects in transnational organized crime. To design an effective training tool that supports collaboration and, at the same time, provides training on collaboration, we propose to combine computer supported methods for interaction and collaboration with an ITS, extended to train teams. This becomes particularly important when training targets cognition and behaviours of team members that should work together as one.}, institution = {Intelligent Agents and Synthetic Characters Group}, keywords = {Miscellaneous;}, month = {May}, number = {GAIPS-TR-002-17}, title = {Designing a Training Tool for Transnational Joint Investigation Teams}, year = {2017}, author = {Joana Campos and João Guerreiro and Brian Ravenet and Rui Prada and Ana Paiva} }