@inproceedings { veiga17, abstract = {In the past five years, a successful first-year mentoring programme at Técnico Lisboa's Taguspark campus promoted by Núcleo de Apoio ao Estudante - Taguspark (NAPE-TP) was brought into play. Nevertheless, the relationship between mentors (mostly second-year students) and mentees (first-year students) tends to weaken after the first academic weeks of the semester. This problem can be addressed with the creation of a consistent and unique communication channel between all the parties involved in this programme. This work presents NAPP, a novel mentoring software solution for first-year mentorship programmes, that enhances the communication between mentors and mentees while providing study guidance tools for mentees. NAPP is composed of two key components, a cross-platform mobile application and a web application that is used as a high level performance analysis tool by the programme's coordinator. These components were developed using state of the art technologies like the Ionic Framework using AngularJS, and the NoSQL databases CouchDB and PouchDB.}, address = {Cham}, booktitle = {Data Driven Approaches in Digital Education}, keywords = {Miscellaneous;}, pages = {610--613}, publisher = {Springer International Publishing}, title = {NAPP: Connecting Mentors and Students at Técnico Lisboa}, year = {2017}, author = {Pedro Veiga and Alberto Sardinha and Ana Moura Santos and Carla Boura} }