@inproceedings { mendonça16, abstract = {Each child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has a unique set of abilities, symptoms and needs; hence, educational applications should allow to tailor exercises’ content and options. However,most existing applications do not take this requirement into account. In this work, we present VITHEA-Kids, a platform that takes advantage of language and speech technologies tools to allow children with ASD to benefit from a customized learning experience.}, booktitle = {12th International Conference, Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language (PROPOR)}, keywords = {Miscellaneous;}, month = {july}, title = {VITHEA-Kids: Improving the Linguistic Skills of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder}, year = {2016}, author = {Vânia Mendonça and Cláudia Filipe and Luísa Coheur and Alberto Sardinha} }