@article { paradeda18, abstract = {This work describes a study in development that uses an autonomous social robot to act as storyteller and persuader in an interactive storytelling scenario. The robot employs techniques of persuasion to try to convince the audience to take a specific path in the story. The autonomous storyteller robot performs facial expression and head movements to express emotions regarding the story flow and the person's decisions. Through a pilot study with four participants, we were able to identify the improvements needed. The findings revealed that the robot could give better suggestions to try to persuade a person before s/he makes a final decision. At the same time, we believe that some interaction changes could potentially increase the motivation, interest and engagement of users in the task.}, keywords = {Intelligent Interactive Storytelling;}, pages = {489--493}, publisher = {Springer International Publishing}, title = {Would You Follow the Suggestions of a Storyteller Robot?}, year = {2018}, author = {Raul Paradeda and Maria Jos{'e} Ferreira and Carlos Martinho and Ana Paiva} }