@unpublished { alves-oliveira18, abstract = {Creativity is a skill that can be trained and has proven benefits for the professional and personal development of individuals. Yet, despite seeking individuals with a greater creative potential, society lacks systems that nurture the development of this skill. Technological advances have the potential to develop solutions to support the development of creative skills. In this workshop, we present the design process of a robot named YOLO. This is a robotic toy, developed specially for children, and envisioned to be used during playtime to boost creative skills. The design process of this robot consisted of user-centered design methods and tools adapted for children. Applying user-centered design with vulnerable populations, such as children, poses specific challenges that require unique solutions. We aim to bring these challenges up to front by discussing the child-centered design process in which children were involved during all design stages.}, keywords = {Social Robotic Companions;}, month = {October}, note = {IROS Workshop on User-Centred methods in Human-Robot Interaction}, title = {YOLO - A Robot Designed to Boost Creativity in Children}, year = {2018}, author = {PatrĂ­cia Alves-Oliveira and PatrĂ­cia Arriaga and Guy Hoffman and Ana Paiva} }