@unpublished { pires17, abstract = {Creativity is known as an ability that can be developed and improved. Since creative abilities are desired in most modern societies, it becomes important to develop activities that stimulate creativity at a young age. It seems, however, there is a lack of tools to support creative activities for children. In this paper, we introduce Cubus, which uses autonomous synthetic characters to stimulate idea generation in groups of children during a storytelling activity. With Cubus, children can invent a story and use the stop-motion technique to create a movie of their story. In this paper, we explain the process of Cubus' system design and architecture. Using Cubus, we intend to study the potential of synthetic characters’ autonomous behaviors to stimulate idea generation of groups of children during their creative process of storytelling.}, keywords = {Intelligent Virtual Agents;Affective Computing;}, month = {June}, note = {Workshop at ICCC on Co-creation}, title = {A big applause for Cubus: A virtual sandbox to stimulate ideas in children}, year = {2017}, author = {André Pires and Patrícia Alves-Oliveira and Carlos Martinho} }