@inproceedings { costa18, abstract = {This paper describes the development of a new online competition platform to support the future of the Geometry Friends Cooperative Game AI competition. Geometry Friends is a cooperative 2D physics-based platformer that presents several challenges for the AI community, in particular, to integrate motion and task planning. This paper presents the work developed to improve the platform used to run the competition. The work was based on best practices of similar platforms. The new platform was developed mostly from scratch, consisting of a new website and a background program in charge of fully handling the received submissions, and more. Virtualization was used to create a secure, fair and reusable evaluation environment. Different features of the new platform were tested by several people across three different test scenarios. The new website was concluded to have an above average usability, while the submission handling program worked as expected throughout the testing phase.}, address = {Porto, Portugal}, booktitle = {Proceedings of Videojogos 2018 - the 10th Conference on Videogame Sciences and Arts}, keywords = {Computer Games;Intelligent Virtual Agents;}, month = {September}, pages = {153-167}, publisher = {i2ADS and SPCV}, title = {A Platform for the Geometry Friends Cooperative Game AI Competition}, year = {2018}, author = {Ricardo Costa and Rui Prada and Francisco S. Melo} }