@inproceedings { yadollahi20, abstract = {Perspective taking is essential in composing effective interaction and collaboration; therefore, its importance extends to scenarios where one side of the interaction is a robot or an agent. Furthermore, it is a cognitive skill that develops at an early age and consolidates in elementary school years. In this study, we describe the design and implementation procedure of a gamified platform to evaluate children’s perspective taking ability while interacting with a robot. The game is designed with different levels of difficulty with educational implications such as practicing mathematics. We share our insights on the design and the usability of such platforms in children’s education, while we detail how they can be beneficial to model the robot’s cognitive framework.}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the 2020 ACM Interaction Design and Children Conference: Extended Abstracts}, keywords = {Social Robotic Companions;}, pages = {217--222}, title = {Can you guide me? supporting children's spatial perspective taking through games with robots}, year = {2020}, author = {Elmira Yadollahi and Marta Couto and Pierre Dillenbourg and Ana Paiva} }