@article { mira10, abstract = {This article presents an approach for creating a platform for creating Word Games. We researched successful word games such as Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble and more to establish reasons for their success. Based in this research we proposed a conceptual model using key concepts present in those games. The model defines the Game World with concepts such as the World Representation, Player, Challenges, Links, Goals and Performance Indicators. Afterwards we created LudoPor - a prototype of a platform using some of the referred concepts. The prototype was made using an iterative design starting from paper prototypes to high fidelity prototypes using user evaluation tests to guide the right path. In this task we had the help of many users including persons of Ciberdúvidas (a Portuguese language community). Another objective of LudoPor was to create games for Ciberdúvidas that would be shown in their website.}, journal = {PRISMA - Revista de Ciências da Informação e da Comunicação, edição especial Videojogos 2009. CETAC}, keywords = {word games, portuguese }, month = {June}, title = {LudoPor - Word Game Creation Platform}, volume = {10}, year = {2010}, author = {Samuel Mira and Rui Prada} }