@inproceedings { ochs10, abstract = {Most of the research in Affective Computing focuses on the emotions felt by the users during human-machine interaction. In this paper, we explore the users’ emotions, not necessarily felt, but deliberately expressed to try to achieve a specific goal: to convince a virtual character. A video game in the virtual environment Second Life has been developed to collect data on the users’ emotional strategies to convince in human-machine negotiation. The analysis of the resulting corpus highlights different emotional strategies of the users depending on their personality.}, address = {Malta}, booktitle = {Workshop Multimodal Corpora: Advances in Capturing, Coding and Analyzing Multimodality}, keywords = {persuasion, emotional strategies, corpus}, month = {May}, title = {Corpus-based analysis of users’ emotional strategies to convince virtual characters}, year = {2010}, author = {Magalie Ochs and Rui Prada} }