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Parietal neurons identify informative steps in sequential actions

Year 2017
Keywords Miscellaneous;
Authors Nicholas C. Foley, Simon P. Kelly, Himanshu Mhatre, Manuel Lopes, Jacqueline Gottlieb
Journal PNAS
Volume 114
Number 16
Pages E3315--E3323
Publisher National Academy of Sciences
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@article { foley17, journal = {PNAS}, keywords = {Miscellaneous;}, number = {16}, pages = {E3315--E3323}, publisher = {National Academy of Sciences}, title = {Parietal neurons identify informative steps in sequential actions}, volume = {114}, year = {2017}, author = {Nicholas C. Foley and Simon P. Kelly and Himanshu Mhatre and Manuel Lopes and Jacqueline Gottlieb} }

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