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Towards and Empathic Chess Companion

Year 2009
Keywords Affective Computing;Social Robotic Companions;
Authors Iolanda Leite, André Pereira, Carlos Martinho, Ana Paiva, Peter Mc Owan, Ginevra Castellano
Booktitle Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems - AAMAS 2009
Publisher IFAMAAS
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@inproceedings { leite09, booktitle = {Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems - AAMAS 2009}, keywords = {Affective Computing;Social Robotic Companions;}, publisher = {IFAMAAS}, title = {Towards and Empathic Chess Companion}, year = {2009}, author = {Iolanda Leite and André Pereira and Carlos Martinho and Ana Paiva and Peter Mc Owan and Ginevra Castellano} }

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