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Competition Pack Updated — version 42

Check the new V42 competition pack in the Downloads page.

Changes highlights (to version V41):

  • Added batch simulation functionality so that batch simulation of agents can be better controlled. Use it by specifying the command line trigger –batch-simulator trigger (check all changes in How to Run the Agents).
  • When using Wiimote the Nunchuk is no longer required for playing with either character.
  • Results report now more precisely (in miliseconds instead of seconds) shows the real elapsed game time.
  • Other minor issues fixed.

Competition Pack Updated — version 41

Check the new V41 competition pack in the Downloads page.

Changes highlights (to version V40):

  • Added the possibility of writing all the log information from the game, and agent implementation log information using GeometryFriends.Log, to a file by using the command line trigger –log-to-file (check all changes in How to Run the Agents).
  • Logging is now centralized in the GeometryFriends.Log class which can also be used in the agent implementations.
  • Agents can now give up on a given level (e.g. if it gets stuck somewhere) to save the agent time  (check the in Starting Your Own Agent)
  • Code optimization performed to better take advantage of the simulations/speed command line options.
  • Multiple game simulations are now possible through the new –simulations trigger (check all changes in How to Run the Agents).
  • Better overall error handling (e.g. command line triggers, agent implementations internal errors, etc).

Competition Pack Updated – version 40

Check the new V40 competition pack in the Downloads page.

Changes highlights (to version V37):

  • Game can be run with no rendering (and) or fixed time steps (check all changes in How to Run the Agents) .
  • Game can be run at different speeds (check all changes in How to Run the Agents).
  • Game can now be resized at will.
  • When two wiimotes both can control menu options.
  • Several other fixes.

2016 Competition

The 2016 Geometry Friends Game AI Competition is confirmed!

This year the competition will be held at CIG’2016 and, as in the previous years, there will be three separate tracks:

  • Cooperation Track – the characters are played by your AI agents to solve puzzles which require cooperation between the two;
  • Circle Track – only the circle character AI agent plays to solve puzzles specific for the circle;
  • Rectangle Track – only the rectangle character AI agent plays to solve puzzles specific for the rectangle.

Based on 2015’s experience and by taking to heart previous participants’ feedback, the framework, competition pack and documentation have been significantly improved. For the updated competition description see here and the updated framework here. Some of the highlights of the changes made are:

  • Geometry Friends game is now cross platform. You can play it or develop agents for it in Windows / Linux or MacOSX. (see Step by Step Installation Guide)
  • A physics prediction simulator is now available for the competition participants to make accurate predictions regarding the agents. For example, an agent can now predict if a given jump action will be successful to reach a given platform. (see Agent with Prediction & Visual Debug)
  • A visual debugging functionality has been added to facilitate real time visual debugging of the agent. For example, assuming an agent that maintains a planned path in the level it is possible to visually depict (based on simple primitives such as lines, circles, text) that path to check if it was done correctly. (see Agent with Prediction & Visual Debug)
  • New and improved support through a Knowledge Base (replaces the old wiki), a Forum to support community discussions and the possibility to directly get in touch with us.


If you are interested in the competition please let us know ( and feel free to take a look and use previous years’ competitions results and levels to get better insight into how to develop your agents. (see also Extra Levels Pack and Agent Implementations Pack in Downloads)

Stay tuned for updates. Submissions will open soon but you can already start developing your agents now!