Agents Pack

Throughout the Geometry Friends competition several AI players have been developed. We have created a pack (source code and working DLLs) with several agent implementations so that you can test them. To download the pack go to the Downloads section.

To add the downloaded agent implementation into the GeometryFriends game go to the Agents folder which can be found in the same location as the GeometryFriends.exe. Copy all the files in this pack to that folder and the game will load those agents when the game is started. To select a specific agent implementation to be used in the diverse game modes using AI go to the Options menu (from the main menu) and in the Agents Implementation option select the name of the agent implementation assembly (cycle through the available assemblies by pressing enter) you wish to be loaded.

Alternatively you can also add the source code of the agent implementation to your project and improve or extend a given agent implementation. When you do this do not forget to update the GeometryFriends reference of the project to the GeometryFriends.exe.

Warning: not all agent implementation are stable and may contain problems ranging from lack of action to missing the implementation of one of the agents or a fatal execution error. If you are interested in understanding these details see the source code of the associated agents and make your own build (see Technical Reports and Examples & Code Snippets).