Cooperative AI Track

The Cooperative Agents AI Track competition focuses on developing two player AI agents, capable of cooperating with each other in order to solve levels designed for player cooperation. Participants will have to implement the Circle and Rectangle characters in order to solve a level (collect all the purple diamonds).

AI Challenges

For human players cooperation comes naturally as a form of teamwork and communication and a way of achieving a common objective. For AI controllers, this sort of cooperative systems can cause various challenges. More so, Geometry Friends adds individualistic parameters unique to every character, such that each individualistic characteristics complements the other character’s characteristics. This makes each controller unique, but adds an element of cooperation, where most optimal solutions happen when both players are taking advantage of each others’ strengths.

Another challenge to AI controllers is directly associated with the actuation of characters within the game. Although Geometry Friends is viewed and played like most other two dimensional platform games, such as Super Mario Bros, the movement due to the simulated physics engine is dynamic and challenging to fine tune.

Geometry Friends being a puzzle game, features various levels where players must use some cognitive reasoning in order to solve them. Sometimes these levels include puzzles which take into consideration the characters cooperation game play mechanics in order to solve, while other puzzles require a certain order of actions to fully resolve, some puzzles may even contain a mixture of both elements. This becomes a challenge for the AI controllers, as levels cannot simply be solved blindly. The level’s layout or doing a wrongful action can prevent them from finishing the level.