Geometry Friends AI

Your agents will be evaluated in three tracks:

The framework comes with two random agents, you can check our code snippets for the Rectangle and Circle Agents to better understand them.

Integrating Your AI

In each competition track, participants will find all the necessary files to integrate their AI within Geometry Friends. Users can modify the random agents already implemented or create new ones from scratch, however they need to override the abstract methods from the parent abstract classes required to run agents with the Geometry Friends code. It’s important that users override this methods as they are crucial to the integration of the user code with the Geometry Friends game.

For more information on the current available interface, refer to the Starting Your Own Agent article for the description of the AbstractAgent (which includes the AbstractCircleAgent and AbstractRectangleAgent) class.

For help on starting out implementing your very own agent, please refer to the Starting Your Own Agent and the Knowing the Sensor Array articles.

Running Your AI

In order to have your AI (more specifically the dll containing its implementation) recognized by the game it should be placed in the Agents folder which should be located next to the GeometryFriends.exe. If you followed the Step by Step Installation Guide you should be completely set up for your agent to be recognized by the game automatically. Still, your agent might not be currently selected agent implementation to be run when for example you provide specific arguments to the game (e.g. -s 1 1) as discussed in How to Run the Agents.

To ensure that your agent implementation is the one implicitly used either remove all other agent implementations in the Agents folder or simply run the game once without any arguments, then go to the Options menu and in the Agents Implementation option select the name of your agent implementation assembly (cycle through the available assemblies by pressing enter).

IMPORTANT: If you have not set up your environment so that your agent project is always built as discussed in Step by Step Installation Guide, make sure you build your project before running it.