Monthly Archives: May 2013

Framework Update Version .03

Hello all!

We would just like to inform all participants that the Geometry Framework has suffered a new update and includes a new set of Features which include:

  • Updated Editor (can now create single player levels for both Circle and Rectangle). A new wiki page has been created to reflect this.
  • Agent Name method added to the IAgent interface. Participants can now name their Circle and Rectangle Agents!
  • Quick Start-Up Feature now included, now allows participants to quickly start at a specific level without going through the entire intro sequence. For more information on this feature please visit the wiki.
  • The Agent Logger Feature allows participants to analyze the exact time of their agent’s actions within a particular level. This feature is still a work in progress. For more information please visit the wiki.

To download the new version of the framework please visit our Downloads section on the website. We highly recommend that participants stay up to date on the competition framework as we will be constantly adding new features that will facilitate the integration of participant agents within the Geometry Friends game.

Thank You!

Submissions are now open!

Submissions for the Geometry Friends competition are now open! We would like to invite participants to look through the Circle, Rectangle and Cooperative web-pages for more information on the public track levels. New submissions can be entered until July 26 2013. For more details on the submission process please refer to the Submission web-page.

A new version of the Geometry Friends framework can now also be found in the Download section, containing the public track levels of each competition track.

Good Luck!