Competition Pack Updated — version 41

Check the new V41 competition pack in the Downloads page.

Changes highlights (to version V40):

  • Added the possibility of writing all the log information from the game, and agent implementation log information using GeometryFriends.Log, to a file by using the command line trigger –log-to-file (check all changes in How to Run the Agents).
  • Logging is now centralized in the GeometryFriends.Log class which can also be used in the agent implementations.
  • Agents can now give up on a given level (e.g. if it gets stuck somewhere) to save the agent time  (check the in Starting Your Own Agent)
  • Code optimization performed to better take advantage of the simulations/speed command line options.
  • Multiple game simulations are now possible through the new –simulations trigger (check all changes in How to Run the Agents).
  • Better overall error handling (e.g. command line triggers, agent implementations internal errors, etc).

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