Submissions are currently CLOSED.

A submission will consist of a .zip file containing all the source (e.g. .cs) files needed to compile the participant’s Rectangle or/and Circle agent(s) and a 2-4 pages report describing the agent(s) using the IEEE Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings. Once received, a confirmation email detailing the success of the submission will be sent back to the participant as soon as possible.

The framework allows participants to run their agents in game before submitting it for competition. It also allows the creation of new levels through the game editor so that participants can test and add new challenges for their agents. Multiple submissions are allowed, although only the last submitted entry will be used in the competition.

A submission should contain the following information:

    • Participant(s) Name(s);
    • Participant(s) Email(s);
    • Affiliation (optional);
    • Player/Team Name;
    • Submission Track;
    • A zip file attached with the source files and the description.

Please send your submissions to with the aforementioned details to:

After publishing the results of the competition we will publish your report in the Publications section and the source code of your agents in the Downloads section for reference to new participants. If you do not want that please let us know.

For general information on the competition rules and evaluation process please visit The Competition page.

Participants can download the game API Framework (equal for all tracks) in the Downloads section. For information on how to get the Framework running and get information and help check:

  • Knowledge Base – containing guides and general information;
  • Forum – discuss with the community any aspects of competition;
  • Contact Us – if everything fails you can also contact the organization directly.

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