The Competition


The competition consists of creating artificial players for the cooperative platform puzzle game Geometry Friends.

It is run on three distinct tracks:

  1. The Cooperation Track focuses on developing two AI players, capable of cooperating with each other in order to solve levels designed for player cooperation.
  2. The Single AI Track consists of two sub-tracks: the Circle Track and the Rectangle Track. Each sub-track will focus exclusively on the development of one of the two characters of the game. These tracks are targeted at participants that want to tackle the problems of the domain (physics-based platform puzzle), without the complexity of cooperation. Typically, the Rectangle Track presents more challenges in puzzle solving and the Circle Track presents more challenges in the actuation in the environment.

For submission details and deadlines please visit the Submission page.


During the ranking process the AI players will be tested with a set of ten levels. This set will be equal for all participants. Five of these levels will only be made available once the submissions close, while the other five will be released beforehand to allow the participants to test their players.

AI players will be ranked on each level by the total of collectibles they gather and by the time they take to complete the level. To minimize chance each player is tested ten times in each level.

The final score of a level will be the average of the score of the ten runs. The score of a run will be calculated in the following way:

    \[ScoreRun = V_{Completed} * \frac{ (maxTime - agentTime)} {maxTime} + ( V_{Collect} * N_{Collect} )\]

V_{Collect} is the score attributed for each diamond collected, N_{Collect} is the total number of diamonds that were collected, V_{Completed} is a fixed bonus score attributed to the agent if it successfully solves the level (e.g. collects all diamonds) and agentTime is the time the agent (or team) needed to accomplish the level. Each level will have a time limit (maxTime).

The values of V_{Collect}, V_{Completed} and (maxTime) will be given to the participants with the information of each level.

To avoid promoting over-specialisation to the public levels the score on these levels will get a reduction of 50% in the overall score.

Rules and Technical Information

Participants may use any approach they want in their AI players, this includes the use of multi-threading and there are no specific limits in memory and processing power. But be aware that using too much memory or processing power may make the player to crash or to slow down the process having influence on the time of resolution of a level. Players are allowed to save (and load) files to support learning from previous levels, however, files can only be saved in the local directory (where the agent dll is located). The files that the agent saves must be identified in the submission description. The system specifications of the system running the competition will consist of a 2.50 Ghz Quad Core CPU with 4 GB of RAM.

Submissions will be disqualified:

  • If their AI players fail to run;
  • If the participant has modified the core game in any way;
  • If the submission is corrupted / damaged;
  • If they fail to follow the submission instructions.

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