The project

PArCEIRO is a project focused on the social interaction between humans and robots. This projects aims to create robots with capabilities that will enable humans to consider robots as social companions. Entertaining activities will be developed to sustain the place where the interaction between humans and robot stages. Hence, the project will create tabletop card games such as the classical Sueca and the indie Resistance card games. These games are tought to be engaging and will enable to provide friendly moments of face-to-face interaction. These social environments are part of the creative process of studying contexts where humans and robots can co-exist and interact in enjoyable and challenging activities.

The PArCEIRO project aims to study and create social robots capable of integrating social environments with humans, making them part of a context where reciprocity and interaction takes place. The interaction between a human and a robot will promote social interaction where the same physical space is shared, enhancing new ways of interacting with technology.

This project is being developed at GAIPS in conjunction with INESC-ID and Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa.