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Jun 29
Project INSIDE @ CMU Symposium 2017

On the 27th of June, the GAIPS team from Project INSIDE went to the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Symposium 2017, held at Porto Business School. We participated in a panel, with a talk given by Professor Franscisco Melo, and, for the first time, in a demo session with our new robot, ASTRo!



ASTRo stole the show, as it interacted with the attendees, inviting them to play a turn-taking game of Tangram!


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May 24
GAIPS @ Dia do Técnico

GAIPS team was invited to show our work during Dia do Técnico, an event held every year to commemorate the anniversary of Instituto Superior Técnico. To celebrate its 106th anniversary, we participated in the Keep in Touch – Next Generation with two demos.

During the event held inside DEI's library, we presented the newly developed FAtiMA VR Demo (RAGE Project) and some games developed in the Digital Game's Courses (Laboratório de Jogos).

The activities were a success among the participants! Professors, Researchers and Staff brought their families to discover the careers of the future and they all had a great time!

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May 24
Social and Technological Challenges in the Conception of Robots

On May 24th some GAIPS affiliates will participate on a conference entitled
​"Social and Technological Challenges in the Conception of Robots", in Lisbon, Portugal.

It will be about exposing and discussing the social and economical impacts of introducing artificial intelligence and robotics in the Portuguese society.
There will be a talk by prof. Manuela Veloso, a discussion panel with specialists, and another discussion panel with politics and union leaders.
Anyone is invited to assist, it is free but does require a registration.
Please share with anyone you think might be interested.
The elements of the technological panel are:
António Pires dos Santos - Projet Watson
Estela Bicho – Professor at Universidade do Minho / Centro Algoritmi
João Sequeira - "Multi-Robot Cognitive Systems Operating in Hospitals" Projet
Luís Almeida - Professor at Universidade do Porto - Ex-trustee do RoboCup
Patrícia Arriaga - Psychologist & Professor at ISCTE
Pedro Lima - Researcher at Institute for Systems and Robotics / IST
Iolanda Leite - Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (in videoconference from Sweden)
Tiago Ribeiro - PhD Student at GAIPS/IST

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Mar 19
Young Scientist Award for Socio and Econophysics

Prof. Francisco Santos won the 2017 Young Scientist Award for Socio and Econophysics of the German Physical Society! This award recognizes outstanding original contributions to a better understanding of socio-economic systems.

The award ceremony occurs on Monday 20th March, in Dresden, Germany.

More information about the award session, here.



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Mar 7
New version of FAtiMA is available

We are pleased to announce that the new version of the FAtiMA agent architecture, named FAtiMA Toolkit, is currently available as an open-source project on GitHub:

Besides porting the code from Java to C#, the new FAtiMA offers many significant improvements over its previous iterations, such as the inclusion of dedicated authoring tools and the ability to work on multiple application environments (Windows, Mac, Browser, iOS, Android, Linux).

FAtiMA Toolkit is currently being developed under the RAGE H2020 project.



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