Geometry Friends

Geometry Friends is a two player cooperative puzzle platformer computer game developed at GAIPS INESC-ID.

What is the competition?

The competition consists of creating artificial players for the cooperative platform puzzle game Geometry Friends.

  1. The Cooperation Track focuses on developing two AI players, capable of cooperating with each other in order to solve levels designed for player cooperation.
  2. The Single AI Track consists of two sub-tracks: the Circle Track and the Rectangle Track. Each sub-track will focus exclusively on the development of one of the two characters of the game. These tracks are targeted at participants that want to tackle the problems of the domain (physics-based platform puzzle), without the complexity of cooperation. Typically, the Rectangle Track presents more challenges in puzzle solving and the Circle Track presents more challenges in the actuation in the environment.

This year the Geometry Friends Competition will be held at EPIA’2017 and at IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG 2017).

IEEE will award prizes up to 500USD to the best participants of the competitions at CIG this year. Check here for details.

Technical information:

Your agent should be developed in C#.

Instructions are provided for:

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2017 Competition Results

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